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Pole & Aerial Classes

The Stage Global offers Pole & Aerial classes specific to each individuals level and ability.

Our Intro Program is our 4 week beginner level course that teaches foundational movement and skills. This is perfect for individuals who have never tried a pole or aerial class and want to get started.

Intro to Pole - Covers FUNdamentals like pole positions, heel work, choreography basics, and strength/flexibility training.

Intro to Aerial - Covers  foundational movement on aerial hoop, silks, and hammock. You will learn a variety of mounts, climbs, and basic poses in each apparatus.

*We require completion of our intro course, or equivalent experience from another studio prior to taking our level 1 classes.

Our Level 1 classes are the next step in understanding basics of pole and aerial movements, while challenging the body with strength & flexibility training. Learn technique and skills through our in depth curriculum.

Pole - These classes will cover climbs, sits, stands, knee hooks, and upright tricks on static and spin pole - working towards inversions and leg hangs from the floor. 

Aerial (Lyra/Hammock/Silks) - These classes will cover seated & standing positions, transitions, low inverted tricks, technique for foundational shapes, grips & holding positions - working towards grip strength, pull-up strength, inverts, and sequence building.

Our Level 2 classes are where we expand your skills vocabulary, level up your endurance, and prepare you for performance, competition, or to empower your body with more challenging tricks. You will also begin to explore your creativity with choreography and sequence building.

Pole - This class will cover a variety of inverts, aerial transitions, and poses with 3 or less points of contact with the pole.

Aerial (Lyra/Hammock/Silks) - These classes will cover a variety of mounts, dismounts, dynamic transitions, inversions, drops, balances, intricate wraps, and poses with 3 or less points of contact.

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