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For those that want to stay moving and grooving, but from the privacy of their own home; The Stage Global offers a variety of virtual classes: 

Get Fit For the Future, wind down with Yoga, or reconnect with your inner sensual side with After Hours...


What are your fitness goals? Looking to increase your movement, or level up your aerial skills? Or maybe you just need a helping hand to guide you. We offer private coaching for pole, aerial, fitness, performance, dance competition, and yoga.

Best part, we can help you in-person or online!

The Stage Global is taking to the streets of Downtown Pomona! 

We offer outdoor group classes, pole, and aerial training!

Our 5,000 square foot outdoor space allows for safe and social distanced fitness, flexibility, and other movement classes.

Our 800 square foot studio space can be used for a variety of mixed media shoots.

Rent our studio for your next photography session or music video.

Maybe you need some Me time and would like to rent our space for your personal practice; our studio is available!

Our Sunday Fundays are jam packed with fun and unique specialty classes like, circus for kids, women's self defense, all-abilities youth dance, and belly dance. 

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Classes we offer at The Stage Global

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Take your movement off the ground and into the air! At The Stage Global, we believe that everyBODY is a circus body and we utilize inclusive teaching methods to help you fly no matter your age, background, or experience level. Our aerial circus program includes fabric dance (hammock and silks), aerial hoop, rope, and other specialty apparatuses. Aerial circus is a great way to give yourself a playful challenge, learn more about how your body moves, build an appreciation for your abilities, and connect with a fun and interactive community. We also produce seasonal shows for you to show-off your newfound skills!


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Pole dancing is a great way to blend sensuality and strength while getting a great workout and having fun dancing through the process. The great thing about pole dancing is that there is something for you no matter what your background or level of experience is. Learn floorwork, spins, choreography, strength & flexibility training, and then take your skills up the pole as you learn to climb and perform tricks in the air! We believe that pole dancing is for everyone - so if you are a dancer, someone who wants a fun new way to workout, or have dreams of competing on stage one day - we are here to support your journey! We have three indoor poles at 14ft high and we have two stage poles which can be used under our outdoor circus tent.

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