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Teacher Training

Do you love circus and pole dance? Are you passionate about learning movement and sharing knowledge?

Start your journey as a pole & aerial arts teacher at The Stage!

What is Teacher Training?

The Stage Global offers a 50 hour course for individuals who wish to teach level 1 Pole Dance or Aerial Arts. 

The next course will run from January 28th to February 25th 2023

The cost is $1500 for Pole OR Aerial

Combine and do both concurrently for $2250 (75 hours total)

*Early bird discount of $250 if you register before Jan 1. 2023

What makes our teacher training unique

It's not just about knowing the moves - in order to be a successful pole or aerial teacher you have to understand the way people move, and why, in order to help them bring out the best expression of their abilities.


This course is led by Stage Global owner, Jehan Izhar. Jehan (or J) is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist and sports performance coach with a Masters degree in Kinesiology. J has15 years of experience coaching non-traditional athletes and has written curriculum for numerous teacher certification programs in the fitness industry.

Her expertise is in biomechanics, sport psychology, and injury prevention. She is passionate about promoting inclusivity in performance athletics and making movement classes a fun and rewarding experience for all involved.

The Stage Global teacher training will empower you with an understanding of human movement, and give you the tools to teach safe, progressive, and inclusive intro through level 1 classes for pole/aerial students.

Level 1 pole: basic floorwork and dance movements around the pole; simple spins and upright holding positions such as climb, sit, stand, knee hooks. Full inversion is the final "goal move" of level 1. 

Level 1 aerial: LYRA & HAMMOCK with the apparatus at waist height. Basic seated, standing, and low inverted positions with supportive transitions. Pulling up into a a full invert is the final "goal move" of level 1. 


What does Teacher Training Inlcude?

16 hours level 1 movement technique breakdown

Learn safe techniques, adaptation methods, and conditioning exercises for the moves & sequences  in our intro/level 1 curriculum. 

5 hours at-home reading assignments

Expand your knowledge of the culture and community within pole and aerial to understand the unique needs of these athletes

16 hours teaching methodology

In-depth anatomy and kinesiology, class design strategies, and inclusive teaching methods.

5 hours practice teaching

Shadow instructor's classes as well as create, demonstrate and teach a class of your own!

8 hours of personal practice

The course includes 2 classes per week at The Stage to work on your own movement practice. 

Course Schedule

January 28th: ALL (teaching methodology) 11:30am-7pm 
January 29th: Pole movement technique 12-4pm
February 4th: Aerial movement technique 11:30am-7pm
February 5th: Pole movement technique 12-4pm
February 11th: ALL (teaching methodology) 11:30am-7pm
February 12th: Pole 12-4pm
February 18th: Aerial movement technique 11:30am-7pm
February 19th: Pole movement technique 12-4pm 
February 26: final project presentations 12-4pm 


At least 6 months pole/aerial experience.

General body awareness and knowledge of how to perform level 1 movements safely in your own body. 

*Experience teaching fitness/sports/dance classes PREFERRED but not required.

*Exercise science degree, pilates, yoga teacher training, or personal training certificate PREFERRED but not required.


Ready to start your Pole/Aerial Career?

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