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Act Creation

Our signature circus theater program - designed to empower aspiring performers & their communities.

The Stage Global produces original circus arts shows starring members of the local community. For each show, we develop a theme based on current events or experiences that are significant to members of our community. We use an open casting format, meaning that the course is open to ANYONE to perform - no previous experience is required. Our coaches will guide performers through the creative process as well as the physical training that they will need to put their stories on stage in the form of aerial arts, pole, acrobatics, and cultural dance.

Through the Act Creation course & performance process we seek to promote personal empowerment in our students, as well as strengthen the bonds of our entire community by getting local businesses, family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors together to share in the artistic vision and celebrate the accomplishments of real people doing extraordinary things.

What you will get 

  • Professional coaching through the creative process of developing your own unique performance act. We will guide you through choreography, character development, musicality, storytelling, costuming, stage presence, and performance fitness. 

  • Photos and video of your act 

  • A supportive network of fellow performers and a chance to perform your passion for family and friends in our final showcase at the end of the course

  • Discount on class passes at the stage

This season's theme is...

Body of Distortion

“An anatomical circus and art exhibition”

Body of Distortion is an exhibition of THE BODY in all it’s shapes and forms. We want to show you everything the human body is capable of and shift your perceptions about what the human body means to you. This show is an exploration of anatomy, an exhibition of primal physicality, and a sensational story-telling experience of movement, music, and art.

Read below to find out more about signing up!

Things to know

Act creation is open to ANYONE over the age of 18 to sign up - however keep this important info in mind: 


-While there is no performance experience necessary, we do recommend at least 8 weeks of experience in your chosen performance art. It is very difficult for students and coaches to create a performance piece for something you have never done before the course starts. 


-Before signing up for Act Creation, think about whether you are able to commit the time and energy that it takes to put on a show. CHECK THE DATES!  The first meeting, tech, and dress rehearsals are mandatory. Performing is a rewarding yet demanding experience. It takes dedication, perseverance, an open heart & mind, and the ability to shed one’s ego. We are here to guide you through this transformative process and support you as you step into the best version of your artistry that you can imagine. 


- We work with aspiring aerialists, pole dancers, belly dancers, poets, and cirque and burlesque performers. Act Creation is open to beginners, aspiring performers, competitors, or professionals who want coaching assistance. The goal is for performers of all ages, levels, and disciplines to unite in support of each other’s artistic expression. Whether it is a professional tool or something students do “just for fun” – Act Creation is an exhilarating way to level up in life!


- The purpose of Act Creation is to take skills that you already know and transform them into performance art. Therefore, the focus of Act Creation is not about learning new tricks, it is about developing and enhancing your abilities and having your moment to memorialize this milestone achievement in your life.

Sunday Meetings

Feb 27

Introductory meeting 5-7pm

*Mandatory meeting

March 20


April 10


March 6


March 27


April 17

Tech Rehersal 4-8pm

*Mandatory meeting

March 13


April 3


April 24

Dress Rehearsal 5-8pm

*Mandatory meeting

April 30

SHOW DAY! Call time 5pm


Act Creation Cost

Registration Fee: $280

Includes: 10 weeks of coaching/workshops/rehearsals

Open Practice time at the studio on Friday's 7:15-8:30pm

Discount on Class Passes at The Stage for the duration of Act Creation

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