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Frequently asked questions

The BEST way to get ahold of The Stage or an instructor is by either using the chat feature on our website OR downloading the app and messaging us through the app.

Booking & Cancellation Policy:

1. To book a class visit Class Schedule page.

*If you are new to aerial/pole you MUST take our intro course program.

*if you have prior training of aerial/pole then you may take a level 1 class.

2. Find classes by day using the weekly schedule view, or by type by scrolling down to bottom of page.

3. Click "Book Now" to sign up for a class.

4. Check out either by paying the single class price, buy a class pass, or redeem a pass.

-Booking online keeps attendance and guarantees your spot in class.

-If there is only one student signed up for class, the instructor will choose to either cancel the class or offer you a 30 minute private. Please be sure to leave a form of contact (email/phone number) so the instructor can easily get ahold of you if this happens.

-You must register for class at least 4 hours beforehand to give teachers ample time to prepare.

*if it's past the 4 hour window, please contact studio to see if you can be added to class.

-If class is full and you are waitlisted, if there is room for you to attend class, we will send you a message that you have been added to class.

-You must cancel class no less than 12 hours before class or you lose that class and it will not be credited back to your account.

The Studio:

-Our doors will open 5 minutes before class starts.

-Doors will be closed and locked 5 minutes after class begins.

-If you are early, please remain outside in our patio until an instructor lets you in.

-If you know you will be late, please call/text/message us.

-If you are late and the door is closed, RING DOORBELL to be let in.

-Shoes allowed only in lobby area. If you need to move past lobby, keep shoes in cubbies.

-We have water and sometimes snacks, please throw away any trash before leaving the studio.

What to wear:

Absolutely NO:

No rings and jewelry for any Pole & Aerial class, including kids & teen classes.

No lotion or oils in any pole class.


Aerial Classes:

Wear comfortable yet form-fitting clothes that cover the back of your knees and your back. Fitted leggings and a fitted shirt/tank top are perfect.

Socks are optional, as some moves and poses require foot grip and socks will cause you to slide.


Pole Classes:

Wear comfortable fitted clothing. Shorts and a tank top are preferred. You may wear layers so that when you feel comfortable you can remove articles of clothing as needed to perform a trick/move.

Heels are not required but you are always welcome to bring them!


Circus Fitness Classes:

Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in! 


Kids/Teens Classes:

Kids and teens should be in comfortable and form fitting clothes. They will be moving and going upside-down so baggy clothes is NOT recommended.

Class Etiquette:


Remain in lobby area or outside in patio area.

Please do not cause any distractions that will pull focus from the students. (this includes talking/waving/photography/videography

Adult Aerial/Pole/Fitness classes:

Ask your instructor if you may record/take photos of yourself in the class. Most instructors are OK with this, but we must respect other students.

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