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Our Story

Circus with a Purpose!

The Stage Global is a cirque arts, fitness, and dance platform that offers holistic training and support for movement enthusiasts in Pomona CA, and globally online. We cater to aspiring athletes & performers who have diverse bodies, backgrounds, and unique abilities. 


Our mission is to promote personal empowerment through movement arts, offer safe space for creative expression, and enrich communities through the production of original cirque arts shows.

We strive to provide our students with credible, accessible, and trusted resources for physical training as well as overall mental & emotional well-being. 


We value inclusivity in performing arts, decolonizing health & wellness, and a strong commitment to anti-racism in our practice and teachings. 


We believe that eveyBODY deserves to be celebrated and we do so by bringing circus (with a purpose!) into the world. 

Jehan Izhar

Our Founder


MS, Kinesiology

Medical Exercise Specialist

Sports Performance Coach

Pole & Aerial Circus Performer

Playwright & Circus Show Producer

Jehan grew up as a competitive martial artist and began her career as a fitness professional and performance artist when she attended UC Santa Barbara in 2004. After experiencing the negative effects of fitness culture (such as body shaming, discrimination, and rampant health misinformation), she made a commitment change our society’s perspective on body image and health. She wanted to share her passion for movement arts in a creative way and promote well-being without partaking in the toxic aspects of the fitness industry. For her, circus and pole dancing was the answer! 

Jehan began training in circus arts in 2011, since then has traveled the world as an inspirational teacher, performer, competitor and coach. She opened The Stage in 2016 to create a space that would be welcoming to all bodies, where people could feel safe to explore, learn, and reconnect with themselves and each other in a playful yet challenging way.

Her notable accomplishments include:

  • TEDx Speaker (2019) "Why Every Town Needs a Stage"

  • Assistant Director - Rise the Night 2020 (the biggest pole dance show in the world)

  • Lead Presenter: Vertical Art Athletics (dance-science education for Pole & Aerial Athletes)

  • Coach: Pole Theater EGYPT (2019) - The first pole dance competition in the Middle East

  • Gold Medalist - Pacific Pole Championship (2018)

Jehan specializes in rehabilitative exercise and performance coaching. She teachers pole dancing, lyra, aerial yoga, aerial fabrics, and educational courses for fitness professionals. She has a talent for teaching in a way that makes movement understandable and achievable, and helps her students to foster an appreciation for their body's abilities. She is passionate, encouraging, knowledgeable, and committed to spreading empowerment through movement arts.

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