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Fit for the Future

Join The Movement


Join us for a new themed workout every week. Each class has 20mins of cardio, 20mins of strength training, and 20mins of meditative stretching. ALL BODIES WELCOME!

Find Your Flexibility

Unlock and unwind your body


A flexibility class for the inflexible! Learn the secrets of stretchy success as we take you through different methods of releasing and opening the body to improve your overall flexibility.


Aerial Privates

Fly with us!


At The Stage Global, we believe that everyBODY is a circus body and we utilize inclusive teaching methods to help you fly no matter your age, background, or experience level.


Circus Workout

Learn the secrets of strength training - circus style!


Join us for a total body workout to build strength, balance, and agility - using training techniques of professional circus athletes.


Self Care Yoga & Meditation

Give back to your body


this is a gentle yoga class that includes rejuvenating

breath-work, restorative stretches, and a relaxing meditation.

Pole Privates

Sensual Strength Building


Learn floor-work, spins, choreography, strength & flexibility training, and then take your skills up the pole as you learn to climb and perform tricks in the air!

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Circus Stretch

Take your flexibility to the next level!


Re-define your flexibility training using techniques from professional circus performers to unlock your body’s abilities and bend in ways you never thought possible.

After Hours Dance

Find it, Feel it, Flaunt it!


Tap into your sensuality in this sexy dance class that celebrates your body and gives you the confidence to flaunt what you got!

Let's Get Moving

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