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Aerial Idol Fest

Are YOU the next Aerial Idol?

Come show us what you got in The Stage Global's first annual aerial circus talent competition!

Saturday, October 1st 2022 @ Shaun Diamond Plaza in Downtown Pomona. 

Open to performers of all levels.

What is Aerial Idol? 

Aerial Idol is an open level, "talent show" style competition that is in the spirit of fun and celebration of what makes YOU unique. Take the stage and show our judging panel what makes you stand out as a performer. Do you make the craziest shapes? Are you the ultimate crowd pleaser? Do you have a powerful story to tell?

Register to compete for your chance to win gold, glory, and prizes from a range of categories such as:

  • Beastmode (Biggest energy) 

  • Shapeshifter (most interesting shapes, transitions & technique) 

  • Glamazon (outstanding costume/make-up look) 

  • Crowd Pleaser (engaging stage presence/loudest applause) 

  • Drama Queen (captivating storytelling act) 

  • Circus Freak (who brought the BIZARRE ) 

  • TrickSTAR (wildest moves) 

    *PLUS: a variety of HIDDEN categories! ​

Aerial Idol winners will receive one free class from the stage global, a swag bag, and a gift certificate from one of our sponsored business such as: 


-Swingit Trapeze

-Advanced sports and Body Therapy

- Pole Active Clothing

The Title of Aerial Idol 

One individual will be crowned Aerial Idol at the end of the event. This year's Aerial Idol will win a month pass of classes at The Stage Global, two gift certificates, a self-care basket, AND a place of honor on our holiday parade float in December! 


Aerial Idol is open to aerialists of the following disciplines:

  • Silks

  • Lyra

  • Hammock

  • Trapeze

  • Rope

  • Straps

How to compete: 

  • Fill out an application and pay the registration fee (applications open on this page on August 10th).

  • We will accept competitors until all 20 performance spots are full.

  • The application will ask for some background info, a short bio, what apparatus you will be performing on, an explanation of the theme/story/idea of your act, and what makes YOU this year's Aerial Idol.  

  • All competitors must submit their music and stage blocking by September 15th. 

  • This is an open competition which means that competitors are not divided by levels or categories. All performers take the stage with each other and have their moment to show off their aerial circus style. Our panel of guest aerialist judges (plus one civilian judge) will vote on winners for each category, as well as the overall winner. It is possible to win in two categories. The overall winner may or may not be someone who wins another category. Aerial Idol is not about doing the most advanced tricks (although it can be!) - what we really want to see is your creativity and personality on stage. So BRING IT! 


Competition location:

Shaun Diamond Plaza 197 E 2nd Street, Pomona, CA 91766


Stage Specs:


All competitors must use our crash mat (8ftx8ft)

Aerial Rig is 20 feet high, performers choose height for apparatus 

Performers can use the space around the rig to dance.

Can bring own apparatus (preferred) or use one of ours. 

*We will host one or two outdoor practice times before the day of the competition for performers to get a feel for the space and the rig. 


Aerial Idol Application

Applications open August 10th and close September 1st

Competitors will receive a 10% off code towards classes/privates

Registration Fee: $55

Spectator Tickets: $25

Saturday October 1st, 2022

3:00pm to 7:00pm

 Shaun Diamond Plaza

197 E 2nd Street, Downtown Pomona CA 91766

*Photo & Video packages available for all competitors

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